>> ASMA503 series oli-free heat-setting stenter
>> Model ASMA821 sanforizing machine range
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Jiangsu HaiDa Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. Is the textile machinery industry, one hundred one of the key enterprises.Registered the "Pacific" trademark in 2004 in Wuxi City, Wuxi City Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau as the well-known brands,Late eighties, Company received industry star enterprise,Science and technology enterprises,The contract and trustworthy enterprises with a series of honorary titles.Since the early seventies,The company has experienced small to large,From weak to strong in the development process,Existing staff of 200 people, including 45 engineers and technicians, registered capital of 500 million, total assets of nearly 8,000 million.New plant located in Wuxi New District Meicun Nan Fung Industrial Park, Wuxi Shuofang from airports, highways tin East exit just 5 minutes by car, transport facilities, a modern new factory covers an area of 50,000 square meters, the plant of 30,000 square meters.

Various types of processing equipment company, with all kinds of metal cutting equipment over 100 sets, Belgium introduced the world advanced LVD and Japan AMADA cut, washed, folded sheet metal CNC machining centers, laser cutting machine,CNC flame cutting machine ESAB United States and the United States Lincoln, Panasonic and other imported gas protection welding machine, cold sheet metal forming, metal cutting, spray painting featuring manufacturing base.Class processing equipment to provide a guarantee for the first-class products.

The company is a professional production stenter setting machine, pre-shrinking finishing machines two series of high profile printing and dyeing and finishing equipment, key enterprises,Hirano of Japan began producing 80-type setting machine,From 95 years of development and production of ASMA503 series oil-free stenter setting machine as recommended by the former China Textile Product, the State Science and Technology, State Administration of Taxation, Ministry of Foreign Trade, Quality and Technical Supervision, the State Environmental Protection Administration jointly certified focus on new products, Break and maintain manufacturing setting machine 5500mm wide width special domestic record.Market share among the top three,And exported to Japan, India, Pakistan, Yemen, Vietnam and other countries, domestic production is the largest enterprise setting machine.China in 2008 was granted by the State stenter setting machine, pre-shrinking finishing machines and equipment technology research and development center title. Has more than ten patents.

The Company highly concerned about the world textile technology innovation and change,Maintained with the United States, Japan and some European world-renowned textile enterprises in close contact and cooperation with Japan in recent years strengthened West Industrial Co., Ltd. Hirano cooperation to ensure the level of the Company's advanced product technology,Confidentiality agreement in strict compliance with technical conditions for the Japanese in China, a wholly-owned, joint venture production of RO membrane treatment equipment, coating work machine, coating machine, high precision winding equipment, resin dryers and other large equipment.First-class technical team to design and manufacturing capabilities to achieve advanced level in the domestic printing industry, especially in wide areas of high market share, a higher reputation in the industry.

Processing capacity by strong external and Wuxi Compressor Co. Ltd., the U.S. Volvo Road Machinery (Wuxi) Company, South Korea LS Machinery (Wuxi) Company and other enterprises, to provide various pieces of cold sheet metal processing facilities.

The company strictly according to ISO9001: 2000 quality certification system version to run, over the years to keep improving the product quality and ensure the stability of products; With a high sense of responsibility, always customer-focused, quality service, and establish a good reputation; Combined with the technological requirements of manufacturers to form their own style; To rigorous practical business management, enterprises have become well-known manufacturer of printing and dyeing machinery.

We sincerely look forward to working with the community to build a more extensive exchanges and cooperation!
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